A few questions about Live Messenger




First question:
Is the audio quality of LM superior or so-so??

Eight or more years ago, I used Firetalk and it was the best audio chat
program ever. Unfortunately, the company went belly-up...and was sold to
PalTalk. Their audio was not great...and sometimes sucked.
Yahoo chat audio works fine for a minute or two and then gets goofy! Sounds
like Donald Duck, etc. It got SO bad, I (and most of my buddys) deleted
Yahoo from our computers!
The audio on a few other popular chat programs is not great also.....
Along came Skype and CQ Phone with excellent audio quality....as good or
better than Firetalk. I used Google Chat
for a short time and the audio was very good.

Second question:
Is the video quality smoothe or jerky with LM??

The video quality is almost horrible on about every chat program I've
tried.....Yahoo being one of the worst.
By horrible, I mean jerky and freezes frequently.
The video chat on Skype and CQ Phone is smoothe and not jerky and the audio
is in sync with lip movement.

I've deleted Windows Messenger and MSN messenger from my computers and am in
the process of trying to delete Netmeeting as soon as I learn how.

Third question:

I'll be installing Vista this coming week and I believe Live Messenger is
included?? If it is, is it the same version as the one I can download from
the web?


Jonathan Kay [MVP]


Using a broadband connection with a properly configured NAT (meaning UPnP) or a direct
connection, Live Messenger's voice and video quality is top notch and up to any other product
I've ever used.

Of course, actually getting connected properly and so on can be challenging, whereas Skype
(and other products) don't have nearly as many issues.

Jonathan Kay
Microsoft MVP - Windows Messenger/MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger
Associate Expert
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Thanks for replying to my post.

I have a broadband connection via cable, so I should get good results using
Live Messenger.
With CQ Phone, I have to open three ports, whearas with Skype, I don't have
to open any.
I will download and install Live Messenger and give it a try. If it's not
as good or better than my
current programs, I will delete it.

I installed Vista today and everything seems to work fine....except I don't
get any audio. I'm having
trouble getting the Nvidia drivers to install and I haven't found any
support on Nvidia's web site.
The driver disk I have came with the Asus motherboard and works fine with

Thanks again!

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