98 SE upgrade to xp Pro



My current system is upgraded begining with Windows 3.1
all the way to the current level which is Windows 98 SE.
However my system is dead. I do have all the Windows Discs
and CDs. My question is; if I purchased Windows XP pro
Upgrade, do I have to go back to Windows 3.1 and install
all the upgrades which, I am tired of doing or all I need
is the Windows 98 SE CD to upgrade to Windows XP

Thank you


No, when you run the XP installation, it will ask you to insert the Windows
98 CD to verify that you are eligible for the upgrade. Once that is
verified, the XP installation process will instruct you to reinsert the XP


Cari \(MS-MVP\)

All you need after a format is the Upgrade CD for Win98.

However in such an old PC you need to make sure it meets the System
Requirements for XP....


Set the BIOS to look for bootable devices in the following order: FDD, CD,
HDD (floppy, CD, hard drive)

Put the XP CD in the drive and start the PC. When you see the message
appear on the screen:

Press a key to boot from CD....

Press a key. Any key. The spacebar will do nicely.

XP will then look at your drive..... providing you've backed up your data
(and a clean install is the best way to go when changing operating
systems).... ask it to delete the current partition and create a new one.
It will then look for a qualifying product. Do NOT backup using MSBackup.
It is not compatible with XP's NTBackup and XP will not be able to use it...
or even know what to do with it!

Swap CDs over and insert the 98 Upgrade CD, and point it to that. It will
confirm that 98 Upgrade is a qualifying product. Swap CDs back to the XP
Pro Upgrade CD and the installation will continue on its merry way.


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