64-bit Vista Public Beta-WDS Windows Desktop Search Upgrade?



I've set up an AMD Athalon 64 machine with the Public Beta version of 64-bit
Windows Vista and got it running okay. I also installed Office 2007 Public
Beta 2.

I am wondering about the Vista file indexing component. I've read several
posts on this newsgroup relating to indexing, but none specific to 64-bit
Vista. So here are my questions:

Does Vista 64 have its own indexer, different from 32-bit Vista?

Does it install and activate by default with Vista 64?

Is it different from the Windows Desktop Search 3.0 program?

(I get a dialogue box in Control Panel that gives "Indexing Options." That
function seems to work nominally, when I run as Administrator, but I haven't
tested it out much.)

Office 2007 Beta 2 under Windows XP (on another machine) allows upgrade of
the XP indexer to Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta. This upgrade under XP
gives improved indexing functionality to Outlook 2007 and to OneNote 2007.
In fact, on the subject Vista machine, when I launch Office OneNote 2007
Beta, it requests an indexer upgrade:

"OneNote requires the Microsoft Windows Desktop Search system component to
fully support the following features:"

Is Vista 64's indexer the same one that OneNote 2007 Beta is looking for?
If so, why does OneNote ask for it under this Vista? How should I respond to
ON's need for this other software?





No answers yet. Can someone comment or refer me to another site, please. I
have upgraded to RC1, but have the same questions.

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