64 Bit Compatible Games



Can someone please tell me if Halo CE, FEAR, Battlefield 2142, and Half-Life
2 are 64 bit Vista compatable?



Byron Hinson

I believe that all of them are 64-bit compatible. Half Life 2 even has a
special 64-bit version.

Dale M. White

Though it has a little age on it, Far Cry has a 64bit version. I have the 32
bit version and it works fine udner Vista


Keeep Out said:
Can someone please tell me if Halo CE, FEAR, Battlefield 2142, and Half-Life
2 are 64 bit Vista compatable?
Half Life 2 is hanging for me in Windows Ultimate x64. I assume this is
because it defaults to the 64bit version under a x64 operating system. I am
not sure if this is a hardware issue or a software issue. All other steam
games run fine which leads me to believe that the 64bit version is not


The hangs could be due to the video/audio card drivers. Many HW makers have
nto finalized stable versions of their drivers.
I own two NVIDIA 7900's and the drivers available today don't yet support
SLI or all the features of the video card. :-(
Perhaps once better drivers are release the games will be more stable.
Until then, I'm dual-booting with XP...



Dale White

I don't think HL2 actually runs in 64 bit mode, except under the lost coast
demo. When I watch the process un task manger, it will show HL2*32 when I
play episode 1. But shows HL2.exe when I run the lost coast demo.

I just played about 1 1/2 hours of EP1, so safe to say no hangs for me. I'm
running a dual monitor and I see that the memory usage keeps going up the
longer you play.I started out at 70% usage and when I finally quit I was at
89% usage. Guess I'll have to play it under Vista32 to see if it does the
same thing there. Glad I've got 2GB of ram

I use an X1900XTX and over all it plays fine. But when I run the lost coast
demo, I only get s score of 65-70 fps, instead of 127-130 in Vista32 and 140
in XP. I think they are still tweaking the 64bit code

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