(500) Internal server error ReadXml



I have a .net web service that when I call using http returns this auto
format xml:

<coverage memkey="001" hplan="hmo" effdt="1999-10-01T00:00:00"
termdt="1999-12-01T00:00:00" />

The below code worked when the code was a local object method, however
now as a web service web method it gives me this error:

(500) Internal server error on the ReadXml line

DataSet myDataSet2 = new DataSet();
DataList6.DataSource = myDataSet;

Am I using ReadXml incorrectly? is the web service address formatted
incorrecty? Is the issue that the xml is now encapsulated(correct
term?) with <string>?

How can I troubleshoot this?



Do I still need to do the wsdl.exe external compile thingie? I thought
vs.net 2005 did something to make that transparent?

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