4GB of memory and windows xp pro



The question has been asked here before, but none of the given answers
work for me. The situation: I have 4x 1024MB corsair memory in an Asus
a8n-sli deluxe. The bios recognizes the full 4GB, if I install a bèta
version of xp pro 64 bit, I can use the full 4GB, but I don't want the
64bit OS (yet) because there are very few drivers available for it.
Windows xp pro 32bit only sees 3GB of memory, I tried the /pae switch in
the boot.ini file, but it didn't work. Does anyone have some other
suggestion, because xp pro should be able to use the full 4GB and the
problem is not the hardware since another OS uses the full 4GB. Maybe
there is something other I have to do to get the /pae switch to work?

Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\)


As far as I am aware, XP allocates 1gb to the system but doesn't show that
it does that.. your computer will utilize all of the memery still..

Mike Hall
MVP - Windows Shell/User

"If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept
it all to themselves." - Lane Kirkland


Drop off the /PAE switch 'cause it has nothing to do with less than 4 GB of
RAM and use single-sided RAM modules only.

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