3rd party apps fail when trying to send via default outlook profil



I have installed 2 different photo software applications (Olympus Master2 and
Picasa 3) and have selected to use my default outlook profile when sending
pictures. The outlook email form never opens in either app. Sendto mail
recipient also doesn't work when I try to send from my desktop.
I have upgraded from office 97 to office enterprise 2007. Outlook 2007 opens
fine so it could be something with my profile. One error I get when trying to
send via Olympus Master2 software is "Cannot find mapidll".
I uninstalled Office 97 because I thought maybe there was something in that
configuration that was causing the problem but am still having the issue.


If you upgraded from 97 to 2007 create a new outlook profile, add your
accounts and a new data file, set it as default (dont copy old profile)
Is whatever version of win you are using updated to latest critical updates?

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