3rd party application, cache and session state



Hello all and thank you for your time.

We have a 3rd party application written for my office (vb.net 2.0
framework). However, we are getting reports of slow response time and
do not believe it is our web server or sql server (2000). I noticed
that the app uses cache (with sql server 2000) and Session States. I
compiled a list of what was in cache and session state and wondered if
you could give me your opinion on it. Is it a lot? Could this cause
response time issues and high CPU utilization? This is taken from our
dev box where I was the only user.

Cache Assembly 1
Cache Boolean 55
Cache DataSet 3
Cache Datatable 41
Cache Hashtable 1
Cache String 1
Cache XmlDocument 33
Session State ArrayList 6
Session State Boolean 3
Session State DateTime 1
Session State Hashtable 14
Session State Int 2
Session State Stack 2
Session State String 6

Thank you,

Peter Bromberg [C# MVP]

The information you provided gives little help since we have no idea of
"how big" these objects are. What you really want to do is trace your pages
and optionally instrument your code with some sort of timing / logging
option that will give you more information about where the "real"
bottlenecks are.

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