3DS Uses DMP's PICA200 GPU



No ATI GPU in 3DS. Too bad.



"The PICA200 scales with up to four pipelines and processes from up to
four programmable vertex units. The 3D core, using their proprietary
graphics technology named MAESTRO-2G, the second generation of the
Maestro design, implements custom graphics algorithms as hardware for
enabling a set of shading features that include per-vertex sub-surface
scattering, bidirectional reflectance distribution function, cook-
torrance, polygon subdivision, and soft shadowing. Their image post-
processing module, the PICA-FBM frame buffer management, can polish
the image with anti-aliasing and a set of other 2D functions and can
actually be licensed independently as a core for 2D-only devices. In
either case, the PICA-FBM can be extended with a PICA-VG vector
graphics module."

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