3 gigs of ram???



Ive got three gigs of ram in my computer at home, it shows
in the system info etc, but several programs i use say
theres only 2 gig available........how can i tell if its
being used or not, and indeed if not, then how can i
enable it?- im running win 2000 prof,




Just an incidental comment. Win 2k and XP allow greater
resource specification and utilization than previous
OS's. I've had sw applications that ostensibly "lose"
files (shows up in Win Explorere, but not the app), if
the filespec is "relatively huge" -- shrink the filespec
by shortening the foldernames... "suddenly" the
sw "finds" the file... a somewhat subtle capability of
these newer OS's.



Edit boot.ini so it reads:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WIN = "Microsoft Windows XP
Professional" /3gb

(Your's may be a bit different.)


Three gigs! What in the name of all that is good and pure do you need 3
gigabytes of RAM for? Are you running CAD applications for General Motors?
That has got to be rather expensive. I have a friend who is a professional
special effects designer and editor and his system only has 1 gig of ram.
Of course, it has some other trick stuff as well. Good luck.


I have one Gig and as far as I have seen even with very big graphic files on
photoshop and autocad and word and corel running at the same time...the
computer works fine. In fact it seems like a waste!The only way I would
think you would actually need that much is that you are making images that
are some METERS high and wide at a very high resolution...... perhaps to
print out on a vast plane for ufo's to see....



Basically, i dont need the ram, but as i had it i thaught
i'd use it,...i work as a 3d animator, and was just
interested to see if there would be a decent return ,-
probably into the realms of diminishing returns at this
level though,- i'd be interested to see a technical
article related to the topic though,- just to satisfy my




I am experiencing the same exact problem with Windows XP.
3GB of memory installed, recognized by BIOS and Windows,
but not by any applications, which all say I have 2GB.
Some posts on these groups say not to use the /3GB option,
because it removes memory from the pool reserved for the
OS. I don't know the answer myself.

I find it amusing that rather than helpful answers a
number of users found it necessary to post exclamations of
how foolish it is to have 3GB of RAM. I guess they don't
use After Effects and/or 3D programs.

Nik Simpson

Jerry said:
Edit boot.ini so it reads:
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WIN = "Microsoft Windows XP
Professional" /3gb

(Your's may be a bit different.)

That has nothing to do with recognizing 3gig of physical memory. The /3GB
switch refers to how the OS apportions virtual address space. Under normal
circumstances the address space is split 2GB/2GB to application code and OS
code, i.e. addresses in the bottom 2GB (of virtual address space) belong to
the operating system and addresses in the top 2GB belong to the application.
the 3GB switch changes the address mapping so that 3GB of virtual address
space is allocated to the application.

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