2nd HD will not change to Boot Drive



I installed a 2nd hard drive using XP Disk Management and copied the old HD
over to the new on with XXClone.

My PC is setup as cable-select, so I made sure to connect the first cable to
the new drive, yet when I rebooted the old drive is still the Boot Drive, I
tried switching the jumper pins to show the new drive as the Master and the
old drive as the Slave and when I rebooted the old drive was still the Boot

What can I do to solve this problem?

Thank you



Rich Barry

Tony, you have to add the second install of XP to the boot.ini file on
the first XP to get a selection Menu. Use the Recovery
Console to perform this. You will be interested in Bootcfg. At the
prompt type: Bootcfg /rebuild It will scan your system
and should find the other XP. Say yes to would you like to add




If you want to boot off your new drive as C:\ then you may need to connect
you new drive without the old drive connected. If the new drive doesn't boot
then boot from the XP CD and go to the recovery console, after you are at
the command prompt type FIXMBR then FIXBOOT placing a ? after either will
explain their use.


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