2K's tracking of NetWare connections



I have a Novell server running 3.12 on a small network.
2K tries to keep up with how many users are connected to
NetWare for license purposes. However, it always adds one
or two bogus connections to its count and returns as error
message saying that all licenses are in use when in fact
they aren't.

XP does not keep up with this count. Is there a way to
stop 2K from checking this and just log in?

Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Mike Crabtree

I'm not too clear on what you mean here.

AFAIK 2k doesn't track NetWare connections at all.

However, the NW3.12 server does - and it's been a long-term problem that 2k
connections don't drop when they should and/or that a workstation makes two
connections instead of one.

What client are you using to access NetWare?

What level of service pack is on the w2k machines?

Have you applied all the latest patches to your NW3.12 server?

Mike Crabtree MVP

MS Services for NetWare - http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/sfn/

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