2k server setup




i'm seting up 2000 server shares

I need to stop a group of users creating folders and sub
folders on a share. The share permissions are set to
everyone full control.

What security setting do i apply to the shared folder for
the group to allow read, write, modify, list folder
contents of all files, but at the same time stop them
creating folders?

My attempts so far are too restrictive, ie stopping users
saving back to disk.

All Pointers are gratefully received



David Brandt [MSFT]

You probably want to do this with ntfs perms rather than share level perms.
Do properties on the folder, security tab, advanced, highlight the group
you're interested in, click view/edit, change the "apply onto" to
folders/subfolders, and then you can deny the create folders etc.

David Brandt
Microsoft Corporation

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