2d editor in c#


Joao Barros

I know almost nothing about c#, although I know C++ quite well (I
think ;-)) and some Java.
As it seems c# is a good alternative to Java, I am trying to decide if
c# is a good option to the following:

- A simple 2d graphical editor allowing the drawing of rectangles,
circles, text objects, and arcs (lines with arrow points) between
- Undo/redo,copy/paste and the usual related stuff
- Connectors between objects: for example, when I drag a rectangle I
want the connecting arcs to be dragged together with it.

What is the easiest way to achieve this in C#? Is there any code
example of something similar available? Some free library?

In Java there are some interesting code available. I specially liked
jhotdraw as it does what I need. Yet, if I can do it quickly in c# I
would like to know.

Thanks a lot in advance




Vijaye Raji

It's very easy to write one yourself.

I'd proceed with creating a Control class and derive all the specialized
objects (like rectanlge, circle, etc) from it. Then, I'd have a Designer
class that would host all the controls. The Drawing of the controls will be
orchestrated by the Designer by passing a Graphics object to each of the
embedded controls.

This way, you could implement project save/load very easily through
available Serializers.

For Undo & Redo, you can write a helper class that will record every action
on the designer. You could go one step further and provide transactions on
your UndoRedoHelper class. THis way, you can handle multiple
delete/copy/paste in one shot.

With some smart use of attributes (like Browsable, Category, Description,
etc.), you can add a property Grid to your main form that will hold the
currently selected object and you can change the objects properties (like
size, location, radius - if it's a circle, etc.) from the PropertyGrid

Hope this helps.


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