2003 Developer Extensions - $WinSysPath/$AppPath



Hmm - I have an application developed on Access 2002.
I have used Access 2002 Developer Edition to create an
install package (no RTE). That all works just fine.

To create a package for Access 2003 I have purchased
the Visual Studio Tools. Ten CDs, nine of which I do not
need and will never take out of the package -
ho hum - progress :)

I was hoping the 2003 Packaging wizard would be a bit
better than the 2002 version (CI105 and all that) but I
think I'm being dissapointed.

My application has a few .bmp and .ocx files that get set
up at installation time. But it would seem that I have no
control over where the .bmp and .ocx files get put.
Other than hard coding a folder or the ApplicationPath
which seems to be the default.What happend to the 2002
mechanism of $AppPath, $WinSysPath ? How is this
wizard supposed to be used? Am I doing something wrong?
The Help is no help and I have trawled through MSN and
NG archives etc for hours!

Many thanks,

Paul Overway

PDW is useful in the most limited of circumstances....in fact, almost never.
You indicate that you are installing an OCX, but you should be aware that
the 2003 PDW does not register OCX files after install anyway. The 2003 PDW
assumes that all files should be installed to the same folder...so, this is
why you're have difficulty in that respect. You could hack the MSI package
it creates, but you'd have to do it everytime you re-create the package.
The best bet is to use a packager that is more flexible and more robust,
i.e., Installer2Go, SageKey, Wise, InstallShield, etc.. There are a number
of issues with PDW generated installers beyond what you've encountered


Many thanks for your help...

Hmmm.. So what we are saying is...

The new, wonderful 2003 version has less
functionality than the old 2002 version.

It has already crashed on me twice for no
apparent reason, asked me for the Office CD
so that it can install the English language (doh!),
and now I find it doesn't do even the most
fundamental stuff that the previous version just
about managed. For goodness sake three BMPs
files and an OCX is hardly pushing the envelope !

If I created applications like this I would
expect to get fired. hmm. Lucky I'm retired...:)

So - How do I get my 399 uk pounds back...

If there is someone out there that thinks I've got it
all wrong please, please put me straight!

BTW - Have tried Installer2Go on your recommendation.
Works just fine... And is only 40odd US dollars.. how
did I miss this before... :-(

Hmm... Not a happy bunny...

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