2000 Terminal Server login problems after applying sp4


Scott Aitken


I have applied sp4 to my W2K Terminal Server and rather
stupidly didn't select the archive option in order to
uninstall the sp.

Now I have login troubles, i.e Login takes up to 3 mins.

Does anyone know any way to get back to SP3?

Your help would be very appreciated.



It's nice to see that the problem is known of and fixed,
but it'd be just that much more helpful if the patch was
actually _available_ somewhere. I'm not going to pay a few
hundred dollars to contact MS and hope I get a reply
within the next week, just to get the patch to a minor
known problem.

Do you by any chance know of the actual link?


Vera Noest [MVP]

Hotfixes are never available for download, and they are free of charge.
If you phone MS Support and clearly ask for this hotfix (give them the KB
article number), then you will get it send to you by email. Usually takes
not more then 5 minutes.

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