2 vpn questions


Paul Edwards

Question 1

I have rras installed on a 2000 server (used for remote VPN
connections). When I try to connect remotly it sometimes connects the
first time but 90% of the time it takes anywhere from 2 - 5 times before
it will finaly connect.

Question 2

When it does connect I am unable to see the servers/map drives. I have
the vpn server configured with static IP addresses. I have the client
VPN connection configured to login to our domain.

Any suggestions would help.





Alan Wood [MSFT]

Hi Paul,

1. Please provide the error message on the client when you are unable to
Also check the System Event Logs on the server looking for Remote Access
error messages when you are unable to connect. Please give us both message.

2. Are the servers behind the VPN server of the VPN Server itself that
you are trying to map a drive to? If behind, are you able to ping the IP
address of the servers when you do get connected to the VPN server.

Could you provide an IPconfig /All from the VPN client when connected, and
from the VPN Server?

That will help a lot.


Alan Wood[MSFT]

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