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I have a main form and 2 subforms. Subform1 links to the main form and is in
datasheet view which shows a list of items for the individuals in the main
form. Subform2 is a form view of details for the list of items in subfrom1. I
want subform1 to be linked to the main form as it is and I want subform2 to
be linked to subform1. What I am trying to acheive is when I select a record
in the main form, I see a list of items belonging to the individual (The list
is subfrom1) When I select an item in the list (subfrom1) the details for tha
items are displayed in subform2. Subform 1 and 2 are referencing the same
data. Subform1 has to linked to the mainform as a child but also has to be
linked to subform as a master. Can I link subform1 to both the main and
subform2 in this way.

Appreciate any help

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Mainforms are the one side, subforms are the many side. You could have the
first subform show details of the mainform and the second subform show other
details of the mainform. But I don't think you can easily get the subform to
show details of another subform.

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