2 sheets and a select


Alain R.


i'm creating a form which should use 2 sheets to display actual price
for each services.

for that i have 2 sheets "services" and "services_price"
in "services" sheet, i have:

id Service Activated
1 S1 - Storage Y
2 S2 - Email Y
3 S3 - Internet Y
4 S4 - Intranet Y
5 S5 - mass printing N
6 S6 - Installation PC Y

in "services_price", i have:

id Starting date Ending date price
1 01.01.2010 31.12.2010 15.00
1 01.01.2009 31.12.2010 17.50
3 01.01.2010 31.07.2010 5.00
4 01.01.2009 31.12.9999 50.00
5 01.01.2009 31.08.2009 20.00
5 01.09.2009 31.12.2010 15.00

Is there a way to do something like select with union on ID field ?
because i would like to get only:
- activated services with a valid period.

thanks a lot,




Ryan H

I think we are going to need more information about what you are wanting in
order to help you. Please give us more details. What is considered to be a
valid period? Are you wanting to collect rows, ranges, etc.? What are you
wanting to do with the collections?



Alain R.

baiscally i want (from an excel form) to call a SQL request which will
read data from the worksheets of the same workbook (where is the form).

type of data is not so important.

when i will know how to do that, i will later need to understand how in
my SQL request i can link 2 worksheet data as i wrote before.

is it clearer or do you still need more info ?



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