2.4GHz 25dBi RP-SMA Yagi Wireless WLAN WiFi Antenna


Norm X

The Internet Society has declared that "access to the Internet should be
considered a basic human right". However in Canada so called 'Internet
service providers' have formed an oligopoly and instead of being in
competition with each other to provide service, they are in competition with
Canadians to deny Internet service. They even are too stupid and slothful to
provide IPv6 support.

Once a person has access to the Internet, Google and eBay, technology
defeats the stupid slothful oligopolists. Here, I would like to report my
happiness with a 2.4GHz 25dBi RP-SMA Yagi Wireless WLAN WiFi Antenna that I
got from China on eBay for less than $14. It is similar to a product from
Cisco, but has greater 25dBi because it has 16 passive elements. It comes
with a long coax, and SMA connector. I use it with a Alfa USB 11n WiFi
adapter also from China. Its high gain is due to its high directionality. I
just tap it and the signal strength of target AP goes from 99% to 100%.
Eyesight suggests the target AP is inside a building 500' away. The TCP/IP
signal quality is like I had a 500' long cat 6 Ethernet cable strung out
down the road. The signal quality is absolutely perfect.

This product might be good for someone who wants to live on a small island
and tap Internet on the mainland. However, curvature of the Earth limits
2.4GHz propagation of a low lying antenna to 5.8 km. across water. 2.4 GHz
does reflect off clouds sporadically.


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