2.0: generating documentation for ///



I am learning .NET 2.0. I need to learn how to create documentation
from /// comments. I downloaded sample project XMLsample from Web and
I generated XML documentation XMLsample.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<member name="T:SomeClass">
Class level summary documentation goes here.</summary>
Longer comments can be associated with a type or member
through the remarks tag</remarks>
<member name="F:SomeClass.myName">
Store for the name property</summary>
<member name="M:SomeClass.SomeMethod(System.String)">
Description for SomeMethod.</summary>
<param name="s"> Parameter description for s goes
<seealso cref="T:System.String">
You can use the cref attribute on any tag to reference a
type or member
and the compiler will check that the reference exists.

I would like to have HTML file.
One way I see is to use XSL transform but I don't know XSLT yet. Can I
have XSLT (and so HTML) automatically?
Are there other solutions?

Thank you very much for your answers.






Its my underatanding NDoc does not function with ASP.NET 2.0. The developer
was hired by Microsoft and their "policy" forbids further development. As
you can see from the notes on SourceForge it appears nothing has been added
since Feb 2005 over a year ago.

<%= Clinton Gallagher
NET csgallagher AT metromilwaukee.com
URL http://www.metromilwaukee.com/clintongallagher/

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