1/4 page not full page



I got a page where only 1/4 is being use not the full page. It is page 4
of 14 pages.

pages up to this point have headers with number and par. When I indent
and put number headers that are to line up with the above par, this is
where I get 3/4 of white space.

You can see the page breaks.

Looks like this.

4. Text
tab par

tab par

tab par

3/4 of space that I don't want.

tab 4.1 header
tab a) par.

What is causing this white space and how do I fix the problem?






i think the header that you're using has a built in page break ... if you
click on it and choose format / paragraph - go to the line & page breaks tab
and untick page break before - this should solve it for you.

Rather than doing each one individually, you are better off updating the
style so that they all get done at once. Hopefully, the following method
will work for you. After you've changed one of the headings, select the
heading by triple clicking on a word in the heading and then apply the
original style again - hopefully a little box will pop up asking if you want
to redefine the style .. choose that option and then click. This should fix
your whole document.

if this doesn't work, please post back including the version of word that
you're using as this is one area that has changed between the different


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