We have windows 2000 server and we purchase 15 client
license for W2K server and 20 TS CALS for windows 2003
Terminal Server Clients.
We Activate the server but when we try to activate the TS
CALS we have the message :

The Licensing Wizard was unable to install the client
license key pack. Please verify your entry and try this
operation again.

Message Number: 0x13a7.

I nead help from anyone who know about.

Thank you in advance

Vera Noest [MVP]

Is the Licensing server running W2K?
2003 TS CALs can only be installed on a 2003 TS Licensing server
(which is backwards compatible and can handle both W2K and 2003 TS
CALs). This is because 2003 TS CALs come in 2 flavours: "Per
Device" and "Per User". W2K Licensing servers don't know the
difference nor how to handle them.

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