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Discussion in 'Microsoft Dot NET Compact Framework' started by DeepBlueLotus, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. Hello folks,

    I have a 7 inch touchpad running wince 2.0. I have created a form that
    contains a few buttons, a textbox and a listview control.

    The purpose is allow the users to enter text in the textbox, select an
    item from the listview and press the button to save.

    The problem is:
    I have set the first item in the listview to selected. But when I show
    the form, the first row of the listview will not show up as selected.
    But when listview gets the focus, the first row gets selected. This
    means, the row is shown as selected when the listview does not have
    focus. This means, this has something to do with the HideSelection
    property. Unfortunately, in the CF, hideselection is not exposed.
    However, on research on the web, i found that for the Listview that
    comes with CF, the hide selection property is set to false. This is
    great, since this is exactly what I would have set to. But of course,
    it still does not work and dont know what to do.

    Did a lot of research on this on the web and cannot find much on this.
    Only relevant thing I could find is the

    Many people refer to a similar problem with Treeview. But that problem
    seems genuine since by default "hideselection" property is set to true
    unlike in the case of listview.

    What is mind boggling is how does one use the ListView Control at all
    in the CF with this issue? It is a fundamental necessity that a
    listview continue to show to the user the select row.

    What am I missing?

    another thing is I would like my listview control to be single select.
    Again, the documentation says that by default the CF 2.0 listview
    control is set to single select. But, I can do multiple select on the
    listview control i have.

    Something is fishy. Dont know what. I am pretty sure, I am compiling
    with CF 2.0.

    Appreciate any help, pointers.

    DeepBlueLotus, Jun 12, 2010
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