Capturing Global Function Key Press

Discussion in 'Microsoft Dot NET Framework Forms' started by Alex Maghen, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Alex Maghen

    Alex Maghen Guest

    Hi. I need to set a Global Key Hook to capture the keypress of function keys
    (F9, F10, etc., etc.). I've been using a sample recommended to me here
    ("userActivityHook"), but my "KeyPress()" event handler does not get called
    for Function Keys.

    How is this done?


    Alex Maghen, Feb 15, 2009
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  2. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for using Microsoft Managed Newsgroup Service, I'm Zhi-Xin Ye,
    it's my pleasure to work with you on this issue.

    Using the keyword "userActivityHook" I find the sample you mentioned on

    In the HookManager.Callbacks.cs file, there's a method named

    private static int KeyboardHookProc(int nCode, Int32 wParam, IntPtr lParam)
    if (s_KeyPress != null && wParam == WM_KEYDOWN)

    if (ToAscii(MyKeyboardHookStruct.VirtualKeyCode,
    MyKeyboardHookStruct.Flags) == 1)
    s_KeyPress.Invoke(null, e);

    If you set a breakpoint at the line which calls the ToAscii API and debug
    the program, you'll find that when a function key is pressed, the return
    value of the ToAscii API is not 1, so it does not run to the line "
    s_KeyPress.Invoke(null, e); ", so the KeyPress event does not fire. You
    can change the code to fire the KeyPress event as you needed, but it's not
    recommended to do so, it make no sense to fire KeyPress event for
    noncharacter keys. Instead, you can handle the KeyDown or KeyUp event for
    the function keys(noncharacter keys).

    If you have any question or concern, please feel free to let me know. I
    will be happy of assistance.

    Have a nice day!

    Best Regards,
    Zhi-Xin Ye
    Microsoft Managed Newsgroup Support Team

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    Zhi-Xin Ye [MSFT], Feb 16, 2009
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