XP Boot disk/drive problems! Help!



Al said:
Post is confusing concerning references to a XP boot disk - you can hav
boot disk (floppy) - are you really referring to the XP CD? You ma
omitting important facts. Regarding "Caldera(Dr.Dos)" - primary use
this version DOS is Partition Magic and is provided to run Partitio
from DOS when Windows will not boot. There are usually two floppies
with Caldera DOS and another with the DOS version of Partition Magic.
you state you have no floppy drive but Caldera DOS is booting to th
drive - indicating it found an "A" drive??
Do you have a Partition Magic CD and using it rather than your XP CD
you were having problems "a.go system file"
did you or someone else used a HD utility?

AL(KB3U) & Darlene Romanosky N
Myers, FL

It is impossible for my pc to find an A drive as there's not on
connected to my pc in any shape or fashion, AT ALL! When I speak of m
XP boot disk I am refering to my retail CD-ROM Disk (as in CD). I d
not have any of the two floppies that you speak of



Al Romanosky

At the end of my post I asked "did you or someone else use a HD utility?"
In your next to last post you wrote "... I
let a friend of mine configure my hard drive setup for me." Refer to my
previous comments about Partition Magic - exactly how did your friend
configure your hard drive? e.g. Did he use Partition Magic? In configuring
the HD, did all "steps" initiate and/or complete successfully?

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