xcel files will not automatically load



Does anyone know how to get xcel files to automatically open the xcel program
and load when you double click on them from your explorer folder?
When I do not have xcel open, I can double click on an xcel file and my xcel
program will open but the file will not open within the program. I just get
the xcel program with a blank screen where the file data should be. This
just recently started happening after I have been using this computer for
more than a year.
I tried reinstalling xcell from the CD provided by Dell with the computer
but this did not help. I also tried installing the updates on the Microsoft
web site but still no help.



Nick Hodge

Try going to Tools>Options...>General and un-checking 'ignore other

Nick Hodge
Microsoft MVP - Excel
Southampton, England
(e-mail address removed)

"xcel data file does not open automatical" <xcel data file does not open
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