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Dec 1, 2008
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I remember that the first time I visited the COMPUTEX venue was in 2004. In the blink of an eye, it has been more than 20 years.
During this period, there have been tremendous changes in technology related to the computer industry.
COMPUTEX Taipei has witnessed the evolution of new products over these years.
Last year, NVIDIA sparked an AI craze at COMPUTEX, leading to an even greater surge in AI topics this year.
Many brands have tried their best to connect their new products with AI.
In addition, this year's keynote speeches include three major technology giants, NVIDIA, AMD, and INTEL, who have come to Taiwan one after another, and their lineup and content are richer and more exciting than before.
This year, due to a busier schedule post-COMPUTEX, this article is shared later than usual. It includes more photos to enrich the content.

Due to time constraints this year, I only attended the Intel KEYNOTE, personally hosted by CEO Pat Gelsinger.
The keynote centered around "Bringing AI Everywhere," with a notable increase in visibility for AI-related server products at this year's exhibition.
The event emphasized Intel XEON's market advantages.

The speech also displayed AI PCs equipped with Intel platforms from major cooperative brands this year.

Then we went to Intel Booth, where the main new chips were on display, and the new AI PC laptops were used in many aspects.
The DELL XPS series is still a laptop that I really admire.


Intel exhibited six next-generation motherboards from its cooperative brands.
Although the chipset code was not marked, quite a few news online revealed that the model number is Z890...XD

Since there are many brands and new products in the Nangang Exhibition Hall, the visiting time and sharing space are limited.
The following sharing is for those who are personally interested or have introduced their new products during the visit.
First up is GIGABYTE & AORUS.
A variety of Intel's next-generation motherboards are on display, all with M.2 and PCIe EZ-Latch Plus quick-detach designs, and the magnetic antenna holes have been changed to more convenient plug-in types to simplify the installation process.
The center of the display card above is RTX 4070Ti SUPER AI TOP 16G.
Several products in the photo have the signatures of technology giants.

Next generation Z series AORUS MASTER and AORUS ELITE WIFI7.


The AI TOP area displays the TRX50 AI TOP motherboard, which uses four RTX 4070Ti SUPER AI TOP 16G and is paired with the AI TOP Utility interface on the left to provide a friendly and convenient usage mode.

A variety of QD-OLED gaming screens are also on display, including AORUS CO49DQ, MO34WQC2, and AORUS FO32U2P.
The photo shows MO34WQC2 curved screen, 240Hz update rate, 0.03ms response time.
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Dec 1, 2008
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The AORUS white gaming console has a white screen and a white chassis. On the right is the B650E AORUS STEALTH ICE back-plug motherboard.
In addition to the computer case new designs that we called sea view rooms were common last year, this year we also see many configurations with large screens inside.

BIOSTAR focuses on motherboards and graphics cards, and has launched a variety of product lines in recent years.
The new version of the Valkyrie image machine made by Z790 VALKYRIE is displayed on the periphery.

The motherboard wall is composed of Intel and AMD series.
The three models in the bottom row are the next generation of new products.

AMD new generation X870E VALKYRIE

Intel Next Generation Z Series VALKYRIE

Another area displays a variety of AI application software powered by Intel platform computer hosts equipped with ARC graphics cards.

BIOSTAR exhibited Intel A380 and A750 graphics cards.

MSI has become more and more visible in the laptop market in recent years, and its recently launched game consoles are also very topical.
Debuting for the first time at the venue is the Claw 8 AI+ 8-inch gaming handheld console, featuring an Intel Core Ultra Lunar Lake processor.

Stealth A16 AI+ is equipped with AMD’s latest RYZEN AI 9 HX370.

Prestige 13 AI+ Evo is equipped with Intel Core Ultra Lunar Lake processor, 13.3-inch OLED screen, 16:10 resolution 2880x1800, and weighs 990g.
Dec 1, 2008
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The metal backplate adorned with a dragon motif gives the keyboard a substantial weight when picked up.
When you take it apart, you can see the purple switches inside.

The wireless mouse, OP1w 4k, is introduced with a minimalist design.
The wired version is the 8K.

In another area, there is a NITRO vertical monitor stand that can installing ultra-wide screens.

Paired with a gaming steering wheel and compatible with various generic seats and racing chairs, allowing users to immerse themselves in the game.

ThunderX3 exhibited a variety of co-branded gaming chairs.

ACER also exhibited Swift Series laptops with Intel Core Ultra Lunar Lake processors.

You can see the Intel ARC A750 graphics card in the components area.

Cooler Master is showcasing some very unique cases this year, featuring both white and black models at the event.

ENERMAX is exhibiting a turtle-shaped PC case.

In the past, COMPUTEX has primarily focused on gaming, but this year AI has been the main theme running throughout the entire venue.
There are many high-profile AI-related products and applications, although there are still plenty of new products related to gaming as well.
Desktop computers are mainly showcasing the next-generation Intel and AMD platforms at COMPUTEX. Currently, only motherboards with new chipsets are on display.
The actual performance of the CPU will not be known until it is released in the second half of the year.
The new laptop offerings are quite similar as well. AMD has introduced the 300 series named after AI, while Intel's Core Ultra Lunar Lake laptops seem to be closely guarded by various manufacturers.
There's anticipation for broader applications with the integration of NPUs.

Perhaps because of the more exciting evolution of new products in the computer field in the past two years, and the hot topics related to AI, many brands did not invite as many ShowGirls to embellish the venue as before.
Every time I attend COMPUTEX, I share photos of the Show Girls at the exhibition hall. So, without further ado, here are a few. Please scroll down with your mouse.
In addition, this year’s Youtube videos are highly recommended to be watched.
Adding dynamically shot clips will make them much more vivid than photos.

Dec 1, 2008
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This year's COMPUTEX is probably the most bustling I've ever attended.
The three major tech giants are standing alongside their partner companies, launching signature new products that have sparked another wave of excitement at the venue. Additionally, there are many new products being exhibited for the first time or set to be released in the latter half of the year.
In addition, many brands are showcasing a variety of AI server models, extending the trend from last year to now.
At the venue, numerous computers are seen utilizing AI software in conjunction with hardware, including applications in healthcare and photo selection, among others.
COMPUTEX 2024 is showcasing AI as a subtitle for the first time, highlighting its immense market potential with high creativity and application scope for the future. We look forward to seeing even more efficient and advanced AI technology applications next year.
Here's what windwithme saw in the form of photos and text during the two-day visit to COMPUTEX.
A video capturing the dynamic scenes at the exhibition was also produced after spending considerable time filming.
If you found it helpful, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel for support. Your comments and likes continue to be my motivation to move forward.

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