Windows 2000 error


Reiner Lübeck

Hi everybody,

when I start my PC now with Windows 2000 on it, the mouse and the keyboard
refuse to work/react and dont work at all, so I am unable to even login. The
mouse/keyboard works to enter the BIOS and to configure that, though, so the
problem should not be hardware? Anyone ever experience the problem before?
It came all of a sudden when I booted my PC (after the installation of PGP
8) and since Mouse and keyboard dont react, there is no chance for me to
find out whats wrong with it.

Thanks for your help,



Kevin McNiel [MSFT]

Do you have this problem in Safe Mode? I'm not familiar with PGP 8, what
type of application is it?

Kevin McNiel, MCSE/MCSA
Platform Server Setup Group

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I have exactly the same problem. Happened after I loaded PGP8.03. Support at site says nothing about the mouse and keyboard hanging, so I have yet to find a solution to this.


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