VBA referencing disappears with 2007 upgrade



I migrated from Excel 2003 to 2007. In 2003, Workbook B contains VBA
programs. Workbook A references Workbook B. On opening WkBk A, it
automatically run macros in WkBk B.

On migrating to 2007, macros in WkBk B were not run automatically when WkBk
A was opened. On examining the Project panel, the referencing statement is
gone. I tried using Tools ==> Reference to add back the referencing and save
workbook. Exit everything. Open WkBk A again. Same problem, exactly as
described earlier. No referencing saved from previous run.

Have tried the following and all did not work:
1. saving Wkbk A and B as Excel 2007 workbooks
2. saving Wkbk A & B as Excel 2007 macro-enabled workbooks
3. start a new workbook C and simply referencing Wkbk A

Any fix?



Barb Reinhardt

Is Workbook A saved as an XLSM or XLSX? I suspect if it's XLSX, it may not
work. You may need to add some code of some kind to Workbook A. I don't
know this for sure, but seem to remember seeing something like that.

Barb Reinhardt

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