Using iserror in formula




I am currently using Excel 2003 and need help with a formula.

In my spreadsheet, I have the following:

Cur Wk Last Wk Index Change
50,108 48,928 102 â—„â–º
3,912 3,539 111 â–²
2,341 0 0 â–¼
0 2,341 0 â–¼

I'm using the following calculation: IF(ISERROR(B14/C14),0,B14/C14*100)
The result is used to demonstrate change -- i.e. there is no change between
column A and B, there is a 5% or more change, there is a 5% or less change.

I can't seem to get the formula to work with 0. Row 1 and 2 are correct.
For Row 3, I want to indicate that there is an increase from last week but
forcing a zero does not work.

In the example above



Fred Smith

Your data is difficult to follow. You say "change between Column A and B", but
your formula references Column B and C. Also, what is the formula that displays
the change indicators (the up/down/sideways arrows)?

In your change indicator formula, you will be testing for an error (division by
zero). When it's true, just display the up arrow.

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