Using COM Interface in .NET


Johnathan Doe

Hello group,

I've read as much as I can in the .NET docs without my brain turning
to mush. I've tried looking at Interop and System::Runtime::Interop
(are they the same thing?) and I've been able to import the library
(HNetCfg.dll) into my assembly, but I have no idea how to use the

I'm trying to get access to the XP Internet Connection Firewall API,
which has interfaces like IEnumNetSharingEveryConnection. The problem
is that I've never used COM before so I have no idea what to do
anyway. I only have a conceptual understanding of what COM is.

What do I need to do so I can use this API? (In any language,
preferably VC++.NET but C#.NET, J#.NET or VB.NET will be OK for examples.)

Johnathan from Australia


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