Unsupported Objects and Queries that won't Export



I have a couple of questions but I think they are related. I have a query
that I am trying to export to Excel without formatting. However, everytime I
try and export it I get asked for parameter values even when I don't have any
criteria in the query. I didn't type any of the syntax, so I really don't
think misspelling is the issue. I have been trying for a few hours now to
pinpoint the problem and the only thing I have come up with is that the table
that the query is using is shown as an Ignored Object, Unsupported Object
when I look at the Object Dependencies. Can someone help me figure out what
the issue is? What makes a table be unsupported and how can I fix that? Is
the unsupported table the problem I have with the query?

Thanks so much!




I would guess that you don't have a proper relationship between the tables in
the query and therefore Access and Excel don't know what you are asking them
to do. Does the query work properly on its own? Does it give you the proper
information? Does it ask you for any parameters when you just run it? Do you
have a relationship established between the tables? (Tools/Relationships) Do
you have the tables linked properly in the query. Normally, you have to link
on something common to both tables, like and id number. Right click on the
link line from table to table in the query and see what kind of link it is.
You may have to change it to a 2 or 3 type link. Normally, if a query is
asking you for parameter data, it does not understand what you want from a
certain field. If all else fails, delete fields from the query until it
workds (make a backup first, of course) and see where the problem field is.


I forgot to say earlier that I am using Access 2007.

1. Does the query work properly on its own? yes
2. Does it give you the proper information? yes
3. Does it ask you for any parameters when you just run it? no
4. Do you have a relationship established between the tables? Yes and all
the forms that run off of the two tables work properly
5. Do you have the tables linked properly in the query? Yes, the two fields
that are linked are primary keys and are the fields that were used to create
the relationship

One of the numerous odd things is that the query will export when I allow it
to export with formatting. However, in other queries, I have run across the
issue that sometimes when you export with formatting the memo fields are
truncated in Excel. To avoid dealing with that issue, I was trying to deal
with the other one! Another odd thing is that other queries that are set up
the same (using the same two tables but different fields) work and export
properly. So I am guessing it has to be something to do with the fields I
have chosen. However, what that something is happens to be my issue at the
moment! I don’t know if this will help but after all of the Enter Paramater
Value boxes pop up and I hit okay, the final box before it “exports†says:

“ is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid
characters or punctuation and that it is not too long.

I’m not sure what “it†the message is referring to, but I don’t have any
fields named with invalid characters. I say “exports†because it actually
makes an Excel file, the file is just blank.

Does any of this help pinpoint to problem? Thanks again for your help!


Try the eliminating fields one at a time until it works method. Somewhere,
Access is not being able to see one of the fields properly and thinks that
you want to enter a parameter. Another thing is maybe if you had some sort of
strange criteia that Excel doesn't understand. Maybe try to remove your
criteria and try again.



Lord Kelvan

sometimes it dosnt like spaces in tablenames or field names and i know
it hates spaces in the primary keys

when i try to connect data to excel i uses microsoft query a tool in
microsoft excel to query the database either a table or a query and
put the information into a spreadsheet.

you could try that and if you try to open a query or table in that it
will tell you if it cannot open it and generally a space if the

as a note it is just a guess


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