Unit testing and performance load testing


Curtis Justus


I've been searching for solutions to two issues that are undoubtedly common
to everybody. The first is how do my team and I adequately perform unit
testing. The second is how can I measure a load on my application?

In the past, we would write our class and then come up with some logic in a
console or win app to test it. I have since found NUnit which seems to be
pretty cool. BTW: if anybody has some XSLTs that provide alternative
formats to their Summary.xlst, could you direct me to them? Anyway, if
NUnit isn't the tool du jour, what else should I be looking at? Is there a
nice Forms tester that is available with it?

One thing that has plagued me is performance testing. For example, how
long does it take to get Business Entity X back from my data layer when 50
people are hitting it. I'm thinking that the NUnit library might be able to
give me some of that since it does return result times, however that is for
one call per test method. Application Test Center works off of a web page
(right?) and our app is going to be a winform app. Do we write throwaway
code in a small web app that will help us to test the load?

Hopefully I have stated my questions well. If this isn't the place to look,
could you please direct me to a place where I could find some of the
answers. Oh -- and please don't reply with, "I'm selling this product and I
think it is really cool." I'm looking for objective opinions based on
practical experience.

Thanks in advance,




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