Sorting data on two sheets


A. Beare

I have data that occupies some 400 columns. Because Excel has only 256
columns, part of it goes on a second sheet. Sorting data on sheet # 1
re-arranges the rows on sheet one but not on sheet 2. SO. . .
1) Is there any way to increase the number of columns in a worksheet (I
certainly do not neeed 6000+ rows !)?
2) Is there any way to make a sort on sheet 1 also re-order the rows on
sheet 2?



Roger Govier


Unless you upgrade to XL2007 you cannot have more than 256 columns (16,000 +
for 2007)

In order to keep the data in synch, you would need to repeat the "sort"
column(s) on sheet2.
At it's simplest, assuming you sort by column A of Sheet1
Insert a new column on Sheet2
Copy column A from Sheet1
Paste to Column A of Sheet2
Sort Sheet1 by Column A
Sort Sheet2 by Column A

If you need to repeat the process frequently, record a macro as you do the
Copy, Paste and 2 sorts.
Do NOT sort Sheet1 before copying Column A to Sheet2

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