Silicon Power Announces World’s First 400X 128GB Compact Flash Memory Card


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Silicon Power Announces World’s First 400X 128GB Compact Flash Memory

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Worldclass flash memory manufacturer Silicon Power today announces the
world’s first 400X Compact Flash (CF) card with 128GB of storage
capacity. Announcing their 600X CF card not long ago for the ultimate
performance, the 400X CF card is designed to offer the ultimate
storage capacity while not compromising on performance, featuring a
read speed of up to 90MB/sec. It is the largest storage capacity CF
card to date!

Silicon Power’s 400X 128GB CF card supports PIO Mode or Multi-Word DMA
or UDMA transfer mode in quad-channel configuration. It is faster and
more stable for professional photography applications to capture full-
resolutionraw data in fractions of a second. The 128GB of storage
space allows photographer to snap away high definition photos at will
and not have to worry about running out of storage space or swapping
in an additional card. It also comes with Error Correction Code (ECC)
functionality for data accuracy and it utilizes Wear Leveling
technology to prolong the product lifespan. In turn, it ensures
maximum performance and lifespan potential of the CF card and your
product. 100% green, it is in compliance with European RoHS directive
and comes with a Lifetime warranty.

In addition to the 400X and 600X CF cards, Silicon Power produces
Professional 200x CF, and CF memory for all types of advanced
consumer, professional, and industrial applications (DSLR, DV, PDA,
industrial machinery etc).

Product specification
-Dimension: 36.4mmx42.8mmx3.3mm
-Weight: 10g-12g
-In compliance with CF Association specifications
-Operating voltage: 3.3V/5V
-Operating temperature: 0℃~70℃
-Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃
-Capacity: 128GB / 64GB / 32GB / 16GB / 8GB
-Humidity: 8% to 95%
-Durability: At least plug and unplug 10,000 times
-Warranty: Lifetime

About Silicon Power
Silicon Power Computer & Communications Inc., founded by a group of
specialists with more than 20 years experience in the field of
international trading, global marketing, technical know-how of flash
data storage products, is the world's leading manufacturer of flash
memory cards, USB flash drives, DRAMS, and card readers. We are also
the initiator to offer Lifetime Warranty service both for the Flash
Memory Card series and USB Flash Drive products. At the heart of
Silicon Power, it exists a strong atmosphere of "Sharing, Caring, and
of being Trustworthy." These are our finest commitments at the core.
Recognized and supported in over 90 countries, Silicon Power provides
fast, international lifetime service and superior products. Silicon
Power makes a remarkable and successful achievement in the global
community. The company is headquartered in Taipei and has established
branches worldwide including the Netherlands and Japan.


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