SendObject Macro to multiple Recipients



I have one macro using SendObject that will email a user a report. In the
macro it looks at 2 fields in a query containing username and the rest of the
corporate email. It opens up the machines mail client and auto fills the
fields and then a user sends it off.

What i would like is to have a similiar macro that when ran will look at a
specific query and then take several hundred records/users and email them in
the BCC field. I am able to get it to work with one record/user but need to
email over 350 users at once.




Charles Wang [MSFT]

Hi Ed,
To let me better understand your scenario, could you please first let me
1. What is the error when you send the email to multiple users by
separating their email address with semicolon (;) ?
2. What is your ACCESS version?

Please make sure that those email addresses are valid. You can refer to
this article:
SendObject Method

Besides you may refer to this article to see if you can use the method of
CDO to work around your problem:
SendObject method fails in Access 2000

Thank you!

Best regards,
Charles Wang
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