Saving Excel spreadsheet from a email



Sorry for the dumb question but I openned up an email an in it had an excel
spread sheet. i openned up the excel spreadsheet and started to input
information in it
i hit the save button on the top right for excel 2007 but now I cannot find
where it
was saved. Where can I find that spread sheet that I was working on?




I have had this happen before as well and it's extremely frustrating.

The files save in a hidden folder in your temporary internet files

For example, on my PC, they are saved under: C:\Documents and Settings
\bradshti\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLKBB

There are 2 ways to find your file:
1) Use Window's Search Feature (on your start menu) and search for the
file name on your C: drive.
2) reopen the file from your email and go to file ->save as. Click the
drop down list and see where the files are stored. Then just go to
that directory and open the file you entered the data into.

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