repository file missing from



I've built a custom component in CD that includes files several files. Now, i
know that all the files are included after importing with CDM and SHOULD be
installed to the correct path, however less than 50% of the files referenced
are actually making it to the final build folder.

- there are 86 files referenced in my component in both TD and CM going to
the folder %11%\pdesk
- there are 86 files in my database after importing with CDM into the
repository.. the internal repository folder created by XPE CDM is C:\Windows
Embedded Data\Repositories\\{A5D00BEC-C8B8-40F7-8B3F-B2F7B3D0315F}
- however of the 86 files, only 28 files in the final build folder
- there are no errors during building of the component
- the missing files are side-by-side of files that are included. There
doesn't seem to be any logic to explain this situation.


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