Problem with Tree View



Hi all,

I hope someone can help me.

I am trying to use a tree control, and am not very familiar with them.
I used one successfully in one database, but when I try to use the
same form in a different database, I get problems. Below is the code
for the form. (I basically just copied the code from Microsoft When I try to compile the
database, I get a userdefined type not defined error. This happens on
the statement Dim nodCurrent As Node. I know that Microsoft said I
need Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library, and I do have a reference to
that in the database.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Const strTableQueryName = "qryCategoryCode"
Dim db As DAO.Database, rst As DAO.Recordset
Set db = CurrentDb
Set rst = db.OpenRecordset(strTableQueryName, dbOpenDynaset,
AddBranch rst:=rst, strPointerField:="Parent", strIDField:="Label",
End Sub

'================= AddBranch Sub Procedure ======================
' Recursive Procedure to add branches to TreeView Control
' ActiveX Control: TreeView Control
' Name: xTree
' rst: Self-referencing Recordset containing the data
' strPointerField: Name of field pointing to parent's primary key
' strIDField: Name of parent's primary key field
' strTextField: Name of field containing text to be displayed
Sub AddBranch(rst As Recordset, strPointerField As String, _
strIDField As String, strTextField As String, _
Optional varReportToID As Variant)
On Error GoTo errAddBranch
Dim nodCurrent As Node, objTree As TreeView
Dim strCriteria As String, strText As String, strKey As String
Dim nodParent As Node, bk As String
Set objTree = Me!treCategoryCode.Object
If IsMissing(varReportToID) Then ' Root Branch.
strCriteria = "Len(" & strPointerField & ")=0"
Else ' Search for records pointing to parent.
strCriteria = BuildCriteria(strPointerField, _
rst.Fields(strPointerField).Type, "=" & varReportToID)
Set nodParent = objTree.Nodes("a" & varReportToID)
End If

' Find the first root node.
rst.FindFirst strCriteria
Do Until rst.NoMatch
' Create a string with LastName.
strText = rst(strTextField)
strKey = "a" & rst(strIDField)
If Not IsMissing(varReportToID) Then 'add new node to the parent
Set nodCurrent = objTree.Nodes.Add(nodParent, tvwChild,
strKey, strText)
Else ' Add new node to the root.
Set nodCurrent = objTree.Nodes.Add(, , strKey, strText)
End If
' Save your place in the recordset so we can pass by ref for
bk = rst.Bookmark
' Add children who report to this node.
AddBranch rst, strPointerField, strIDField, strTextField,
rst.Bookmark = bk ' Return to last place and continue search.
rst.FindNext strCriteria ' Find next employee.

Exit Sub

'--------------------------Error Trapping
MsgBox "Can't add child: " & Err.DESCRIPTION, vbCritical,
"AddBranch Error:"
Resume exitAddBranch
End Sub



Douglas J. Steele

Do you have a reference to Microsoft Windows Common Controls? (either


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