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Risky Dave


You'll have to excuse my non-technical language, but hopefully this will
make sense...

When a chart is plotted, is is drawn within a predefined border (don't know
what this "border" is called, I'm afraid).

The total plotted area can be resized simply be selecting and dragging the
points around the edge. This also changes the size of the chart plotted
within the border, but only in proportion to that border.

What I would like to do is increase the size of the chart whilst keeping the
size of the border constant. Is this possible?

The reason for this is that I am exporting these charts to Word and the
"unused" area around the chart is making formatting the document difficult as
I end up with large expanses of white which I would rather was filled with
nice colourful charts :)

This is in XL 2003, if that makes a difference.





Jon Peltier

The outermost border of the chart is the chart area. The plot area is
twofold. The rectangle defined by the axes is the inner part of the plot
area, which cannot directly be defined. The outer part which includes axis
decorations is called simply the plot area. If you click in the middle of
the chart, in the inner plot area, you see handles on the inner plot area.
Dragging these handles changes the size of the outer plot area. You can see
dotted line outlines of the inner and outer plot area while you drag the
handle. Drag these outward as far as possible, leaving room only for axis
titles and the chart title.

- Jon

karim shaik

double click the y-axis.
click alignment tab
change angle to 90degrees.

You will find the y - axis border is reduced.


karim shaik

double click on y -axis of chart,
click on alignment tab
change 0 degrees to 90 degrees.
you will see the y -axis border is reduced.




karim shaik

Above solution has side effect it changes the letters in y - axis to vertical.

I will brief when exactly this problem occurs.

when a chart is created then auto scale of y -axis maximum is deseleceted, this problem occurs. so if you select auto of y-axis max scale this problem can be solved.

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