Please help!?! OutOfMemoryException



Dim myGraphics As System.Drawing.Graphics
Dim buffer As Bitmap
Dim fr_bm As Bitmap
Dim to_bm As Bitmap

Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick

If Not (buffer Is Nothing) Then
End If
If Not (fr_bm Is Nothing) Then
End If
If Not (to_bm Is Nothing) Then
End If

' Get the Bitmaps and a Graphics object
' for the destination Bitmap.

fr_bm = New Bitmap(ImageList1.Images(selectedtheme))
to_bm = New Bitmap(pbxclock.Image)

Dim gr As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(to_bm)

' Get source and destination rectangles.
Dim fr_rect As New Rectangle(0, 20, 240, 240)
Dim to_rect As New Rectangle(0, -15, 240, 320)

' Draw from the source to the destination.
gr.DrawImage(fr_bm, to_rect, fr_rect, GraphicsUnit.Pixel)
gr.DrawRectangle(New Pen(Color.Transparent), to_rect)

' Display the results.
pbxclock.Image = to_bm

buffer = New Bitmap(pbxclock.Image)

'Dim buffer As New Bitmap(pbxclock.Image)

pbxclock.Image = buffer

Dim cx, cy, rad As Integer
cx = 120 : cy = 120 : rad = 80

myGraphics = Graphics.FromImage(pbxClock.Image)

'myGraphics.FillEllipse(Brushes.White, cx - rad, cy - rad, rad * 2,
rad * 2)
'myGraphics.DrawEllipse(Pens.Yellow, cx - rad, cy - rad, rad * 2,
rad * 2)
DrawHand(myGraphics, New Pen(Color.Red), cx, cy, Hour(Now) * 5, rad
* 0.6)
'DrawHand(myGraphics, New Pen(Color.Red), cx - 1, cy - 1, Hour(Now)
* 5, rad * 0.6)
DrawHand(myGraphics, New Pen(Color.Green), cx, cy, Minute(Now), rad
* 0.9)
'DrawHand(myGraphics, New Pen(Color.Green), cx - 1, cy - 1,
Minute(Now), rad * 0.9)
DrawHand(myGraphics, New Pen(Color.Blue), cx, cy, Second(Now), rad)
Label3.Text = "Time: " & Now.ToLongTimeString
Label4.Text = "Date: " & Now.ToShortDateString
'DrawHand(myGraphics, New Pen(Color.Blue), cx - 1, cy - 1,
Second(Now), rad)
End Sub

Sub DrawHand(ByVal myGraphics As Graphics, ByVal myPen As Pen, ByVal cx
As Integer, ByVal cy As Integer, ByVal num As Integer, ByVal rad As Integer)

Dim x, y As Integer

x = rad * Math.Sin((num * Math.PI) / 30)
y = rad * Math.Cos((num * Math.PI) / 30)
myGraphics.DrawLine(myPen, cx, cy, cx + x, cy - y)

End SubHi...I am new to VB.NET programming. Please help me to find my
mistakes in my code, because I do not find them: thanky you...juvi




I would start by putting a break point at each line and check that the
calculated values are within reason. Like the -15 for the
this reasonable?



Jim Wooley

I would start by putting a break point at each line and check that the
calculated values are within reason. Like the -15 for the this reasonable?

Typically, OutOfMemoryExceptions arise from recursive calls that are not
exited properly. I would recommend checking out your CallStack and seeing
if there is any looping going on that you didn't expect. You may want to
enable the non-user code in the call stack as well because it can be something
happening in the framework you weren't expecting.

Jim Wooley

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