pivot table help



I have a pivot table that toggles markets and products with metrics as row
labels and weeks as column labels. I would like the dates to be sorted from
oldest to most recent but cannot find any ways to do this. I have the
previous 52 weeks ending on 10/24/09 and the first week (when I tell Excel to
sort ascending by weeks is 1/10/09 and then there are some 2008 weeks a few
columns in. I've also tried to change the format of both the data set and
the dates in the pivot table but to no avail. Any thoughts?



Sean Timmons

If you are in the date fiels when sorting, and the dates are not sorting as
you expect, you'll want to verify that all dates are stored as number. If
you haven't unchecked error checking for this, you'll see green triangles
within any data cells that are set as text.

You can sort by this field in your source table to locate these cells and

Enter the number 1 in a blank cell, copy and paste special/multiply on top
of your date records. Then, format back to date and refresh your pivot.

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