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I have an excel workbook which I want to alter using a pivot table to view
the data more easily.

The original culmns contain: A:Branches B:products C:Number Sold D: Value
Sold E:Number Refunded F:Value Refunded

I want to end up with Branches in the first column, and Products across the
first row, with each produch showing Number Sold, Value Sold, Number
Refunded, Value Refunded beneath the product.

The Pivot Table Wizard list this instead on the wrong axis, against the

Hopefully someone understands what I mean and can help me use pivot tables
better !




Hi Rich. I have had a bash at what you wanted.

Check out:-

www. pierrefondes.com

- and on top of the home page I have put a file up for you.

The PivotTable Worksheet is the one that you want (the StaticData Worksheet
is just my workings and not really relevant to you).

I have stuck strictly to what you stated but somehow I don't think it's what
you want?

Anyway maybe you want to update this posting some time.

Please click Yes if my posting has been helpful to you.




Luke M

Using a a blank PivotTable layout, move Branches to the Row Field Area and
Products to the Column Field Area. Now, throw the other four fields into the
Data area, modifying them as you go to diplay the type of data you want
(Sum/Count/Average etc). Keep moving the fields here until all are inputed.
You may need to also modify each field to not display subtotals (as it would
clog up the report).

If done correctly, you should see Branches on the left, Products in the
second column, and a "Data" field on same row as Products, on cell to the

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