Need help linking spreadsheets and displaying only populated rows



The setup: I have a master spreadsheet that shows investment fund data in
columns A-I and rows 1-83. In columns J-AO, the funds that make up the
portfolios of specific clients are indicated. I am attempting to extract
data from this master sheet to create spreadsheets that only show the
pertinent data for the specific client. So far, I have simply been using the
"If the cell on master sheet is not empty, display it here on the
client-specific sheet" logic.

The questions:
1. On the master sheet, one of the columns contains a hyperlink. Is there
any way to display the actual hyperlink instead of just the value of the
hyperlink on the destination sheet? Currently, the formula for displaying
the cell is: =+IF('[Master Fund Selection List - Q3
2008.xls]Master'!$AC9<>"",'[Master Fund Selection List - Q3

2. Is there a way to use logic to only show the rows from the master sheet
that pertain to the client-specific sheet. (The funds are listed in an order,
but not all funds pertain to each client so some rows are blank in the client
specific column of the master sheet. So far, I have simply requested the
data of all rows and then delete the blank rows. This won't work if the
master sheet changes and the client adds a new fund to their portfolio.)

3. Backgrounds: I want to use a background on the spreadsheet. Does anyone
know the size the background image should be to display on an 11x8.5 (letter
size but landscape)?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


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