missing email


Graham Rawlinson

A strange situation has arisen where some e-mail has gone missing.

We have an exchange 2003 server (part of a SBS2003 system) - fully service
packed. I use Outlook 2003 to view my e-mail at the office. My wife uses a
hotmail account.

An e-mail sent to both of us arrived in my wife's hotmail account BUT NOT in
my e-mail. She has attempted to foward the e-mail to me but again it does
not show up in my inbox.

I have tried the following to track down the problem:

1. We have forwarded the e-mail from her hotmail account to my own
hotmail account - message received ok.

2. We have sent a test e-mail from my wife's hotmail account to my main
e-mail account - message received.

3. I have tried to forward the message from my hotmail account to my main
e-mail account - message NOT received.

The message has not been diverted to my junk e-mail folder.

I have checked out the Exchange server.

1. There are no messages sitting in any queues.

2. Message Tracking shows ALL the messages as being received by the
exchange server and being forwarded to my e-mail account - it just does not
show up in my mailstore.

I have checked Outlook

1. The messages are NOT in junk mail

2. The messages are NOT in deleted items

3. There are no rules activated which may affect the messages.

I have tried using Outlook Web Access to check out the message store. No
sign of the missing messages.

Any ideas of what to do now?





Graham Rawlinson

Solved it. This may be of use to others.

Fortunately, I had enabled message tracking and that gave me the clue. The
log showed an event code of 1041 which meant that the message had been
archived by the Intelligent Message Filter. Fortunately, I had set the
filter to Archive bad mail and so I was able to retieve the missing e-mail.

All I have to do now is sort through the huge pile of junk mail I have
archived without realising it was there!!!!


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