Microsoft Access Training



There are still spaces on the "Microsoft Access Power Mastery"
course before I commence work on the Access 2010 version.

There really is no substitute for learning Microsoft Access from
the ground up from a Microsoft certified professional.

I walk you through every step of creating your databases. You will
start right from the beginning and you will see a huge difference
in your results.

I know that we all go online and 'Google' for answers - but if
you're serious about creating quality databases for your business
and achieving the results you really want - then you need to do
more than pick up a few bits and pieces in forums or articles.

16 week modules delivering over 150 videos, over 75 pdf files and
an interactive forum if you need it.

It's like watching over my shoulder as I help take you from
beginner to master in 16 weeks.

If you never knew how to integrate Microsoft Access with Word,
Excel or Outlook you will learn that as part of my course.

- Quickly and easily get to grips with the new interface
- Plan and create your own database
- Create forms that enable you to collect information
- Exchange information with other documents and databases
- Secure your database and help prevent unauthorized data access

Literally anyone can succeed with this.



Jeff Boyce

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Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Access MVP


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