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Dear Sirs

Please have a look at
http://www.bellfield-barna.com/BIE/BIE_UK/Welcome_UK.html .
On the right site you'll see a "lock-in" at BIE On-line. In the lock-in box
is written "Account number".
The code for this Log-in is:
<b>B.I.E. On-line</b></p>
<p><FORM NAME="login"> <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="accountnumber"
value=" Account number" class="input2" style="padding-top:3px" size="16">
<br> <img border="0" src="../images/go.gif" width="22" height="17"
VALUE="Login!" ONCLICK="Login()">

How can I change the code in the way that, If someone clicks in the Log-in
box, the text Account number dissapears automatically (Up to now it has to be
deleted before entering the Account number)

Can someone help me?
Many thanks in advance



Andrew Murray

To get rid of that "Account number" permanently, double click the field in
design view; a field properties box will pop-up. Remove the words "Account
number" from the "value" field in that box, and click OK.

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