Input cell also is a calculation cell



Do you know if there is a way to have a cell act as both
an input field as well as a calculation field? In other
words, if I input the number 170 in cell A1, and in cell
B1 I choose "US Ounces" from a drop down list I created
using Data Validation formula, then cell E4 displays 79,
which is the correct result of a calcuation. (By the
way, this is a hydration formula so 170 is pounds and 79
is ounces). The question is, is there a way to
automatically have the 170 (lb) number I input in cell A1
change to 82 (kiligrams) if I choose "Metric" from the
same drop down list in B1 as referenced above? While I
can easly create the resulting calculation in an adjacent
cell (170*0.4536)I have not heard of a way to use an
input cell as both an input and calculation cell. I
have, however, have seen forms on the internet that
appear to do this.




There is surely a more elegant way, but this should work and is pretty
The Control tab of the Combo box (XP version) has a Cell Link field. Enter
When you choose from the combo box it will put the index number of your
choice in F1
So if you have X1 = Metric
X2 = US Ounces
Then assign a macro, new it will create a procedure like
Sub DropDown1_Change()
End Sub

in the body add
if activesheet.range("F1") = 1 then
activesheet.range("A1") = activesheet.range("A1") *0.4536
end if

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