How to remove cell padding ?



Hi - I'm trying to butt a cell entry hard up to the left hand side of a cell.

I'm inserting the block character (char code 2588) and the idea is to be
able to place blocks in successive cells (as a result of a formula) to create
a solid block line.

However, Excel seems to insert a fex pixels of space between the edge of the
cell and the character, creating an indent. The only formatting options
appear to be Left(indent) - ther isn't a "left" option. this menas my row of
blocks are separated by these indent spaces - most unsatisfactory.

Has anybody been able to remove this indent and butt cell entries up tight
against the left hand cell wall.






Gary''s Student

Two solutions:

1. place a long string of the character in a single cell. It will "bleed
over" into the cells to the right without gaps.

2. use an AutoShape or other similar graphic. These graphics can be dragged
and stretched precisely to fill the required space.

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